Missions Heart

We believe that God has called our Missions Ministry a "ready" place of abundant overflow in resources, service and life. Not only will we be known for loving and supporting the Nations but also for cultivating that same heart of outpouring and service close to home. We'll be present and supportive for Dear Friends who have allowed God to lead the course of their lives into the field. We'll be known for our consistent readiness to serve and to be sent out year round. This means that we won't pour our efforts into focusing only on our next Missions trip, instead we'll focus on growing a constantly fruitful heart hungry to surrender to God and say, "Here am I, send me", no matter what that might look like.

Being a missionary on the Go Team or Send Team at Living Waters is about listening, obeying, serving and surrendering. We'll keep learning Christ's dreams for us in reaching out, and pouring out--giving out of the resurrection power of God in our lives.

Secondarily, Living Water's heart for our commitment to Haiti is to invest our time and energy to honor the Haitian people by recognizing and supporting their individual and cooperative ability to be self-sufficient. We are dedicated to sustainable practices in a creative framework of stewardship with the goals of providing jobs and educational opportunities as well as meeting basic daily needs. We plan on consistently giving of ourselves long-term as we realize that specific projects supporting these goals will take time.

We consider relationship with the Haitians a privilege and we are excited to work alongside them to plant and increase God's good gifts for their lives. We enjoy working with Foursquare Missions International and John and Debbie Booker at the Foursquare Base Camp in Port Au Prince. Anyone who would like to donate finances or supplies towards our service in Haiti can be sure their gifts are directly reaching Foursquare Base and being invested wisely for the hope and health of the Haitian people, and most importantly, for the glory of God.

Monday, March 14, 2011

February 2011 Haiti Relief Trip Report

Hi Friends!

We apologize for the delay in getting this update to you all. Trev returned from Haiti to dive into a busy week of work with our business and then had surprise surgery to have his appendix taken out. Our past week has been spent in the hospital and getting lots of rest at home.

As we continue on in our growing relationship and support of Haiti, we are pleased to share that the February trip went amazingly well. Working with Foursquare Missions International and Living Waters Church, Trev led a team of 10 awesome workers to Les Cayes, a coastal village five hours (by taxi) out of Port Au Prince. The team worked on several projects including sorting and putting together seed packets for family gardens, fencing a large area, building bunk beds, preparing soil and spreading gravel on driveways. They accomplished everything they set out to do and then some.

We spent several months before this trip building relationship as a team, and interceding together for the Haitians and for our impact to be maximum--we love to go with our hearts prepared for whatever God has in store! The prayer covering from all those of you supporting the team was also greatly felt. The out-going trip went smoothly and when some problems came up on the way home the team worked through them really well. They had lots of time to hang out with the people of Les Cayes and just love on everyone there. The children especially really loved the games the team put together and all the hugs. Of course, all the ladies on the team had their hair done; the kids always love to get their hands on our Caucasian hair and it's hard to escape Haiti without at least a few braids!

Our LW Team loved worshiping with Les Cayes. The village is full of dynamic people and they sing and dance their hearts out for the Lord. During one of the chapels, a 90 year old woman led worship with a spontaneous song from the Holy Spirit. The words were simple and amazing. She was singing, "we say yes, Lord, we say yes" as she danced in the chapel. Towards the end of the trip, during a church meeting, the team had the opportunity to pray for about 30 Haitians for both physical healing and emotional and spiritual needs. The bonding with the village was really precious and everyone on the team came home saying they had a hard time leaving and want to go back sometime soon.

Thanks again to everyone who supported this trip financially and in prayer! It was a phenomenal trip and so much was accomplished in every way!